Pathway into our Specialist Weight Management Scheme

Your GP or Health Professional needs to refer you to our Bariatric Service by letter

Clinic Coordinator will book you into our One Stop Clinic

You will receive an introductory talk about our Service and go on to see:

  • Physiotherapist – Will give you an individual exercise programme
  • Dietitian – Individual dietetic plan
  • Doctor – Will talk you through a biochemistry assessment and set a weight loss target

You will be asked to attend our Education Sessions:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Lifestyle & Diet – Eating Out
  • Coping Strategies – Problem Solving
  • Awareness of Eating – Breaking Bad Habits
  • Energy Intake – Where do the calories in our diet come from?
  • Balanced Eating – Eating/Drinking and exercise

You will continue to be supported by a team of health professionals