Admission Avoidance

The following agencies/departments should be contacted to support (following assessment) expediting patient discharge where it has been agreed an ambulatory pathway, (managed on an OPD basis) is the preferred option as an alternative to acute admission.


Name Function Hours Ext. Additional Info
Admissions Lounge Medical day treatment unit inc:
Haematology, Rheumatology & Endocrinology infusions
9am-5pm 3964/6229 Ensure patient is cross-matched and drug chart written then call admissions lounge who will book slot for patient
Age Concern Runnymede Shopping, cleaning, home visit   01932-566040  
Age Concern Spelthorne Shopping, cleaning, home visit   01784-444200  
Ambulatory Care Pathways Alternatives to admission, facilitation of early discharge
Inc Cellulitis,
24/7 MAU / A&E MAU/ A&E
Day haematology unit Anti-coagulation patients 9am-5pm 3014 Can also support non-acute haematology patients
Diabetic Nurse Diabetes patients 9am-5pm 2844/8230 To advise on OPD follow-up etc
Early Pregnancy Unit   9am-5pm
Endoscopy Non Urgent OGD 8-6pm Referral via Pas or ext 2037 Ensure patients HB checked and no other obvious acute presentation prior to booking
Enhanced Primary Care Service Thames doc. Based at AH & WCH walk-in centres 9am-10.30pm Via Switch For patients requiring non-urgent x-rays, bloods etc
Falls Intermediate care Team     01932 722285  
St. Johns Transport 8-8
01483 – 532028
Patient Transport
G4S Transport 9am-5pm 2316/2317 Patient Transport
G4S Transport OOHs 01306-734300 Patient Transport
Hounslow SPA Placement/Homecare 24/7 02086303943
For Hounslow residents Social admission avoidance
Intermediate Care Team Re-enablement/IVABs 8am-6pm 3317/5194  
Medihome Home care, PT, IVABs 9am-5pm
Physio, home care and IVABs
Night SS team Community Care assistants. Support home night visits ie initial monitoring post discharge, support to falls, blocked catheter, rapid response in event alarm is called 10pm-8am 01483-517898 or via switchboard the night nurse team  
Acute Oncology Cancer & other palliative care patients 9am-5pm 8441 For pain management & OPD support
PCT On-call Manager Access to community or GP divert OOHs 07659151829  
Psychiatric Home Treatment Team/Duty Dr OOHs 01932-722458
Psychiatry Liaison Under 65 years (OD, Suicide) 8am-6pm 07766443003 8161
Psychiatry Liaison Over 65 years with cognitive impairment/Dementia 9am-5pm 07920139092 8186
Rapid Access Clinics (RACs) TIA/COE 9am-5pm AH 01784 884500 For non-acute assessment for fall, complex care etc
RAC COE 9am-5pm Walton: 01932 220060 As above (usually GP direct)
Respiratory Nurses Home assessment for COPD 9am-5pm 3660
For assessment of chronic Resp disease OPD management
Social Services Home care, respite etc 9am-5pm 2526 To expedite discharge or community support
Social Services Urgent OOH assessment 5pm-9am 01483-517898 Urgent review for social night team etc
St Johns Ambulance 9-5pm 01483-532028  
Stroke Nurse TIA & Stroke patient assessments 9am-5pm 2924 5828/8386
Trauma Fracture – Sports Injuries 9am-5pm 2600/2019 Clinic review for non-urgent strains etc
Twilight Team Night Nurse support to patients inc meds, insulin, dressings etc 6pm-6am 2052 or pager (via switch board)  
Urgent Outpatient Slot Early OP review for appropriate patients   Relevant SpR /Con Call to relevant speciality team inc Cardio, Resp, Gastro, COE etc
Virtual ward Community Matron support to admission avoidance 9am-5pm 07786072385  
Windmill Team Alcoholic patient support 9am-5pm 3303/2096