Critical Care

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For Chronic Pain, please refer to Pain Management.


The Clinical Team


Dr Laura ADAMS, Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr Melinda BRAZIER

Dr Melinda BRAZIER, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

GMC: 3563247

Critical care (ICU and HDU)
Clinical audit (CENARG chair), paediatric dental
ICU follow up clinic, ATLS Instructor



Dr Tahira BUTT, Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr Jonathan COOPER

Dr Jonathan COOPER, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

GMC: 2747541

Critical care (ICU and HDU), “tricky trips”
Clinical lead for acute pain, ALS Instructor, MIMMS
Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)



Dr Clare CUNNINGHAM, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4294368

Pre-Operative Assessment Clinics (POAC) Lead
Obstetric and general paediatric anaesthesia
Gynae, colorectal and orthopaedic anaesthesia


Dr Michael DeVILE

Dr Michael DeVILE, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine

GMC: 6053293

Critical care (ICU and HDU)
ICU Clinical Information Systems
Anaesthesia for trauma patients



Dr Mark FLEET, Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr Richard GEORGE

Dr Richard GEORGE, Consultant Anaesthetist

Obstetric anaesthesia
Regional anaesthesia
WHO checklist in theatres



Dr Peter GREGORY, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Kiran GREWAL, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 3477173

General adult anaesthetics
Emergency CEPOD 1 list
Vascular anaesthesia



Dr Justin HEWE, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Philippa HIGGINS, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4098809

Vascular, gynae and upper GI anaesthesia
CEPOD 1 emergencies and CEPOD 3 trauma
ATLS Instructor, ALS Instructor



Dr Toc HUSAIN, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Josie JONES, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Audrius JURGELIONIS, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Mark KUBLI, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4067319

Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)
High risk patients clinic, ATLS Instructor
Anaesthesia for trauma patients, bariatrics



Dr Anja KUTTLER, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4158529

Specialised paediatric anaesthetics
High risk patients POAC and CPET
Educational supervisor



Dr Fiona LLOYD JONES, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 3251490

Obstetric anaesthesia, paediatric anaesthesia
Clinical governance lead for anaesthetics
Anaesthesia for spinal surgery



Dr Mark MACGREGOR, Consultant Anaesthetist

Clinical Lead for Vascular Anaesthesia
High risk anaesthetic vascular clinic
Regional blocks, Orthopaedic anaesthesia



Dr Zain MALIK, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Robert MENZIES, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4543440

RCA tutor, paediatric and regional anaesthesia
Bariatric anaesthesia, difficult airway joint lead
SCReaM project joint lead, sim lab trainer



Dr Alenka MILES, Consultant Anaesthetist

Bariatric anaesthesia
Anaesthesia for trauma patients
ATLS Instructor



Dr Mike PARRIS, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

MSC chair
Critical care (ICU and HDU)
Vascular anaesthesia



Dr Anthony PARSONS, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

Critical care (ICU and HDU)
Anaesthesia for trauma patients
Trainee teaching programme lead for CCU



Dr Shilpa PATEL, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Jonathan PIPE, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Caroline POCKNALL, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Martin RAYMOND, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4536477

Anaesthetic Lead for Trauma and Hip Fractures
Trauma, bariatric surgery, regional anaesthesia
Anaesthetic trainee educational supervisor



Dr David ROBINSON, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 3065787

Difficult airway joint clinical lead
Adult and paediatric anaesthesia, ATLS Instructor
MIMMS, Major Incident Lead for Anaesthetics



Dr Mark SAPSFORD, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Nik SHAH, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

Critical care (ICU and HDU) outreach lead
Lead for “tricky trips” patient transfers (STricT)
Anaesthesia for paediatric MRI, ALS Instructor



Dr NAMITA SHARMA, Consultant Anaesthetist



Dr Karthek SOMASUNDARAM, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

Critical care (ICU and HDU)
Anaesthesia for paediatric MRI
Emergency CEPOD 1 list, nutrition audit



Dr Moira WATTIE, Consultant Anaesthetist

GMC: 4028109

Specialty Lead for Day Surgery
Day case anaesthesia
Regional anaesthesia



Dr Ian WHITE, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

Critical care (ICU and HDU)
Nutrition and research into Critical Care
CEPOD 1 list



Dr Lara WIJAYASIRI, Consultant Anaesthetist

Vascular anaesthesia
Clinical governance
CEPOD 1 emergencies


Specialist Nursing

Inpatient pain service providing advice and support for a range of non-cancer pains including:

  • post-operative pain management;
  • management of acute pain due to trauma (including fractured ribs), pancreatitis and other conditions;
  • management of epidural analgesia and patient controlled analgesia;
  • advice regarding prescribing for non-cancer pain;
  • acute back pain.
Harriet Barker Lead Nurse / Non-Medical Prescriber Tel: 01932 722281 Pager 5-042
Monica Thompson Specialist Nurse Tel: 01932 722281 Pager 5-042
Caroline Clay Specialist Nurse Tel: 01932 722281 Pager 5-042
Pippa (Philippa) Harden Specialist Nurse Tel: 01932 722281 Pager 5-042