Cancer Referrals

All patients referred using the Two Week Rule (TWR / 2WW) for suspected cancer will be offered a date for their first appointment within 14 days.

There are national and local guidelines available through the cancer network and on the Trust GP Extranet indicating the criteria for urgent cancer referrals as well as through the Surrey Primary Care Trust.

In all specialties there is an emergency Consultant On-Call available via the main Hospital switchboard:

  • 01784 88 4488 (ASH)
  • 01932 87 2000 (SPH)


Making Patients Aware of their Referral

ASPH continue with their excellent performance against the cancer wait time standards.

Achieving these standards are a high priority within the Trust as efficient and effective pathways ensure patients are seen, diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.

To help us to continue to deliver this efficient service we require your support to ensure that patients are aware that they are being referred to rule out a cancer diagnosis.

All referrals are received by our booking team who contact the patient to agree a convenient time to attend. On many instances patients are unaware that they are being referred to rule out cancer, which leaves the Appointment Centre to try to arrange an urgent appointment without causing unnecessary alarm and distress.

We are asking all GPs to only tick the box which states that the patient is aware of the nature of the referral when the patient has been informed and understands the importance of attending the appointment.


On-Call Consultants

Breast Cancer Mr. Tayo Johnson t. 01932 72 2311
Mr. Manish Kothari t. 01784 88 4607
Ms Sunita Shrotria t. 01784 88 4607
Colorectal Cancer Col K Galbraith t. 01784 88 4316
Mr. Humphrey Scott t. 01932 72 2318
Mr. Philip Bearn t. 01932 72 3672
Mr. Jonathan Trickett t. 01932 72 2233
Child and Adolescent Cancers Dr. Tariq Bhatti t. 01932 72 2538
Dermatological Cancer Dr. Samantha Vaughan-Jones t. 01932 72 3720
Dr. Pawan Kumar t. 01784 88 4532
Dr. Maria Roest t. 01932 72 2746
Dr. Olivia O'Gorman-Lalor t. 01932 72 2748
Gynaecological Cancer Mr. Anil Tailor t. 01932 72 3636
Haematological Malignancies
(including Leukaemia)
Dr. Andrew Laurie t. 01932 72 2120
Dr. Tanya Barnard t. 01932 72 3432
Head and Neck Cancers Mr. Malcolm Bailey t. 01784 88 4550
t. 01932 72 2421
Miss Lisa Pitkin t. 01932 72 2372
Lung Cancer Dr. Michael Wood t. 01932 72 2305
t. 01932 72 3448
Dr. Paul Murray t. 01932 72 2305
Oncology Dr. Anthony Neal t. 01932 72 3421
Dr. Sarah Khaksar t. 01932 72 2385
Dr. Veni Ezhill t. 01932 72 2305
Dr. Sharadah Essapen t. 01932 72 3421
Thyroid Cancer Ms Lisa Pitkin t. 01932 72 2372
Upper G.I. Cancers Mr. Neville Menezes t. 01932 72 3464
Dr. Peter Finch t. 01932 72 3431
Dr. John Thornton t. 01932 72 3431
Dr. Stephen Evans t. 01932 72 3431
Urological Cancer Mr. Robin Cole t. 01932 72 2376
Mr. Ravi Kulkarni t. 01932 72 2053
Mr. Bill Dunsmuir t. 01932 72 2376
Mr. Justin Collins t. 01932 72 3262
Mr. Krishnaji Patil t. 01932 72 3262


Helpful information

There may be a few occasions when the GP is reasonably certain of a cancer diagnosis but unsure about the specific site of origin.

In these cases, please make a referral using the TWR proforma marked for the attention of a General Surgeon or Physician based on your best assessment of the likely site of the cancer.

In many cases, where the GP suspects widespread secondaries are present, you may find it helpful to discuss the case directly with a Consultant Oncologist for advice in the first instance.