Clinical Haematology

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Clinical haematology services across West Surrey are linked into the St Luke’s Cancer Centre at Guildford and also form part of the Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services network partnership. There is a single weekly joint video conferenced MDT for haematological cancer and clinical haematology patients are treated within a portfolio of shared chemotherapy, transfusion and haemostasis management regimens.

Outpatient, day unit and diagnostic services are provided at both Ashford / St Peter’s and St Luke’s / Royal Surrey sites. Inpatients with haematological disorders at St Peter’s are admitted by the medical unit and supported by an in-reach specialist haematology service model. At St Luke’s haematology inpatients are admitted to a dedicated oncology ward (Onslow Ward) where level 2 intensive inpatient chemotherapy can also be delivered if required. Each site has a CNS team including haematology, anticoagulation and transfusion specialist practitioners with pharmacy and palliative care


The Clinical Team


Dr Tanya BERNARD, Consultant Haematologist (Specialty Lead)

GMC: 3258710

Clinical Lead Paediatric and Obstetric Haematology
Bleeding disorders, thrombophilia, VTE lead
General haematology


Dr Andrew LAURIE

Dr Andrew LAURIE, Consultant Haematologist (Specialty Lead)

GMC: 2724654

Divisional Director for Diagnostics and Therapies
Malignant blood disorders in adults
General haematology
Leukaemia, lymphoma



Dr Srikanth MURALI, Consultant Haematologist

Malignant blood disorders in adults
Leukaemia, lymphoma
General haematology



Dr SP SHREEDHARA, Consultant Haematologist



Dr LJ VANHINSBERGH, Consultant Haematologist



Dr Ranjana WILLIAMSON, Consultant Haematologist

Malignant blood disorders in adults
Leukaemia, lymphoma
General haematology



Contact Details

On call Senior Haematologist

Please leave message with secretaries as detailed below.
For clinically urgent calls and out-of-hours, please page via Hospital switchboard.



St. Peter’s Hospital
Tel: 01932 723027 [AM, SS]
01932 722120 [TB, AL]

Ashford Hospital
Tel: 01932 723432

Haematology Day Unit (Haematology Nurse Specialists)
Tel: 01932 722347

Haematology Clinic Reception Desk SPH
01932 723014


Anticoagulant Nurse Practitioners

  • Margaret Phillips
  • Sylvia Gillings
  • Jackie Hawkins

Tel: 01932 722945 (Office direct line with access to voice mail service)


Services provided

  • Anticoagulant Service, St Peter’s and outreach community phlebotomy and postal service.
  • Clinical advice and information on Anticoagulant Therapy issues.
  • Accessible to GP’s by telephone for advice and referral of a patient by completion of an Anticoagulant referral support.