Clinical Neurophysiology

About the Department

Our Department

WSCN was founded in 2002 from several predecessor departments It is hosted by Ashford and St Peter�s Hospitals NHS FT. We accept referrals from ASPH and other local NHS and private providers and from local general practitioners.


Our Patients

We are proud of our reputation for giving excellent care to our patients. Our department is in a peaceful corner of the hospital and we ensure all our patients feel safe and confident throughout their investigations. We provide them with information about the test with their appointment and we are happy to answer any additional queries by phone. Most patients having nerve conduction and EMG studies will be given a copy of their report before they leave and of course will have it explained to them.


Our Services

We provide a wide range of neurophysiological services. We are happy to advise on the appropriate tests before referral and also on the interpretation of results if this should be necessary. Our tests encompass all the common Nerve Conduction, EMG and EEG studies as well as some specialised tests and evoked potentials.


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