Diabetes and Endocrinology

Services Provided

  • General Diabetes clinics supported by Diabetic Specialist Nurse and Dietician (both sites)
  • General Endocrine clinics (both sites)
  • Specialist Thyroid / parathyroid clinic (both sites)
  • Specialist Obesity clinic for medical and surgical treatment of morbid obesity
  • Young Adult Diabetes Clinic and Dedicated Transitional Clinic
  • Diabetes foot clinic
  • Joint renal / diabetic clinic
  • One Stop Thyroid Clinic jointly with Surgeon
  • Diabetic antenatal covering diabetes mellitus and endocrine problems
  • Insulin Pump Clinic
  • Community diabetes – clinic at Woking Community Hospital


The Clinical Team


Dr Gautam DAS, Consultant Endocrinologist

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)


Dr Thang HAN

Dr Thang HAN, Consultant Endocrinologist

GMC: 6040258

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)

Insulin treatment in diabetes
General endocrinology obesity, thyroid disorders
Teaching and research



Dr P HOW, Consultant Endocrinologist



Dr Jacqueline INCE, Consultant Endocrinologist

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)

Diabetes and endocrinology
Clinical Lead for Acute Medicine (AMU)
Emergency medical conditions



Dr LIM, Consultant Endocrinologist

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)



Dr Nazia RASHID, Consultant Endocrinologist

GMC: 6121851

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)

Rapid Access Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic
Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders and Reproductive Endocrinology
General Diabetes and Endocrinology



Dr ROBERTS, Consultant Endocrinologist

PA: 01932 722306 (SPH)



Dr Helen WARD, Consultant Endocrinologist

GMC: 3665455

PA: 01932 722306

Clinical Lead
Diabetes and Endocrine disorders during pregnancy



Dr A YOUSSEIF, Consultant Endocrinologist


Tests Required

  • Diabetes – U+E, Creatinine, glucose,fasting lipid profile, HBAIC, A.C.R.
  • Endocrine – Prolactin, cortisol, LH, FSH, Testosterone, Estradiol, GH, IGFI, TFTS, 24hr urine, SHBG
  • Metabolism disorders – Ring for advice
  • Obesity – TFTS, fasting blood glucose, Females – LH, FSH, SHBG, AFI and urine free Cortisol


Specialist Nursing

Diabetes Specialist Nurse (ASH) – Tel: 01784 884997

Diabetes Specialist Nurse (SPH) – Tel: 01932 723315

Urgent patients – contact the specialist nurse on the number here. The patients should bring the GPs referral with them.