Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Endoscopy Service

The Endoscopy service is available between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday-Sunday. Some evening lists are also available. The service is currently provided at St. Peter’s Hospital.

The Endoscopy Unit at St Peters is completely refurbished to the national British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) requirement. The standard is, that all Units should have a “horse-shoe” flow shape for the patient i.e. patients are received in to the Unit, have their procedure and recover and exit, through a different door; the idea being that recovering patients have a separate area to recuperate and have privacy from the newly arrived patients. Patients are also given written results in a private and confidential setting. The design of the Unit also helps keep clean and dirty endoscopic equipment separate.

The Unit is very well supported by the newly refurbished specialist Central Sterilising Unit which deals solely with endoscopic equipment. The Endoscopy CSU manager liaises with Endoscopy on a daily basis to establish what the requirement is for each days lists, and provides appropriate equipment which is fully up -to -date , manually cleaned and disinfected or sterilised as required.

In the Endoscopy Unit at St Peters, there are 2 integral, fully equipped Endoscopy Rooms and there is a lead lined ERCP room available in the Imaging Unit opposite.

The main service at St Peters runs from Monday to Sunday, from 0800 to 1800.

Currently there are some routine lists booked in the evening.

The unit is staffed by Registered Nurses and Theatre Associate Practitioners who assist the qualified staff. All clinical staff have specific Endoscopy Training. In addition to Consultant Endoscopists the unit has two Advanced Nurse Practitioners who specialise in undertaking Endoscopy Procedures.


Contact details

Tel: 01932 722037 / 723851


Endoscopy Pathway

We are pleased to advise you that we have redesigned the Primary Care referral guidelines for Endoscopy referrals to Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust (ASPH). The new service which will be delivered by ASPH is now ready to receive referrals. This pathway has been developed in response to the CCG’s over performance in Endoscopy referrals compared to the national average. Additionally, according to NICE Guidance, in patients aged less than 55 years, endoscopic investigation of dyspepsia is often not necessary in the absence of alarm symptoms. Management and treatment in Primary care is often very effective for approximately 35% of patients and in view of this the CCG has elected to develop new guidelines in line with NICE Guidance. Notably, endoscopic investigations can be very invasive for patients and are not cost effective.

In particular, the new referral guidelines focus on the management of patients under the age of 55 years with suspected Dyspepsia. The ASPH will provide endoscopy services where first and second line treatments have failed for patients less than 55 years of age in line with NWS CCG’s guidelines for the management of patients with new onset dyspepsia.

As we develop an understanding about the requirements for this service the intention is to develop a model which is cost effective, efficient and delivers optimum patient outcomes.

In order to monitor the local requirements and demand for this service, referrals will only be accepted where they have been made through the Referral Support Service (RSS) via DXS or Choose and Book. However, if your Practice is unable to refer using either system, please contact the RSS Manager for advice or support on 01372-201-544/1778 or by email wendy.hopkins@nhs.net. Please note that the ASPH Endoscopy suite will no longer accept referrals directly faxed to them.

Please direct any comments, questions or feedback regarding either to myself via email christine.clayton5@nhs.net or Abigail Holm on abigail.holm@nwsurreyccg.nhs.uk


Procedures Available

  • Therapeutic Gastroscopy
  • Therapeutic colonoscopy
  • Therapeutic ERCP
  • Endoscopic U/S
  • Bronchoscopy (referrals via the Respiratory Medicine team)
  • Manomentry


Colonoscopy Referrals

Please note that all referrals will be evaluated by a consultant.


New Colonoscopy Referrals

All the patients undergoing Colonoscopy require them to take an ‘Oral Bowel Cleansing Agent’ (also called ‘bowel prep’).

A recent NPSA (National Patient Safety Agency) alert ‘Reducing risk of harm from oral bowel cleansing solutions’ suggested such agents carry risks of dehydration and electrolyte disturbance and that it is essential that the patient has had their U&Es checked recently before the patient can safely take this oral bowel cleansing agent.

Any patients needing Colonoscopy will need to be evaluated for their suitability for the oral bowel cleansing agent prior to referral.

GPs will need to go through the steps mentioned in the ‘Oral Bowel Cleansing Agent Prescription Checklist’ attached below to assess whether it is safe for the patient to take the Oral Bowel Cleansing Agent based on medical history, medical conditions, medications and blood test results.

Please complete the checklist and send it to Endoscopy Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital along with the completed referral pro-forma. Completion of “Oral Bowel Cleansing Agent Prescription Checklist” is mandatory to book an appointment for Colonoscopy.


No appointment will be made for the patient without a completed checklist.

Once we receive the completed checklist, we will make the necessary arrangements for the patient regarding appointment and Oral Bowel Cleansing Agent.


Repeat Colonoscopies

We will send a letter both to the patient and the GP three months before the examination is due regarding patients’ repeat Colonoscopies. If the patient has not already had these blood tests done, he/she will need to have U&Es and FBC checked prior to the procedure.

In case of any questions, please contact Endoscopy Clerk on 01932 722037.