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GP Infant Feeding Champion Training

Do you want to free up GP appointments in your practice? If 45% of babies were exclusively breastfed to just 4 months of age, nearly 54,000 GP appointments would be freed up across the UK by cutting respiratory, GI and ear infections in babies. Mums who want to breastfeed and do so are around 50% less likely to experience postnatal depression, while breastfeeding confers protective factors for development in infants where a is mother struggling with PND.

  • Are you confident in prescribing for and managing issues with breastfeeding mums? NICE recommends supplementary sources of information should be consulted when prescribing for breastfeeding mothers since the BNF has very limited information on this topic.
  • Would you know where to look for vital advice to ensure you’re prescribing safely and not inappropriately advising a mother to stop/withhold meds?
  • Do you feel confident managing faltering growth, reflux, tongue tie or cows milk allergy?
  • Do you know what services are available locally to support breastfeeding? A GP Infant Feeding Champion is not expected to replace local services but will be able to signpost patients to local services and help your practice become breastfeeding friendly (CQC recognised).

We are offering free training for 1 GP Infant Feeding Champion per practice throughout Surrey Heartlands to improve your confidence. We offer a £200 payment to your practice to support your release for 3 hours of high quality CPD delivered by Terri Lovis, a GP with an interest in infant feeding, and your local infant feeding team.

Please register here for North West Surrey ICP 24 June 2020 – 14:00-17:00

Please register here for East Surrey ICP 8th July 2020 – 14:00-17:00

Please register here for Surrey Downs ICP 16th September 2020 – 14:00-17:00

Please register here for Guildford and Waverley ICP 7th October 2020 – 14:00-17:00

Zoom has been chosen as the right platform for this training due to its functionality. With the recent upgrade to v5.0, which addresses various security concerns of previous versions, we are confident this platform offers appropriate security for this training session. Zoom link will be shared with you closer to the training date.

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