Tinnitus Referrals – New pathway for referrals.

For patients under our audiology service who wished to see the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis team at the Royal Surrey, previously we were required to ask GPs to refer to on our behalf. To reduce your workload and streamline the patient pathway we are now able to do this directly. We will advise you when this has been done in our clinic letters.

Action Being Taken on Long Waiting Surgical Patients

Currently the Trust has long waiting lists for surgery, as a result of the initial COVID-19 response and therefore in line with national protocols and agreements we have made arrangements for your patient to have their procedure at one of the local private hospitals. Together with Surrey Heartlands CCG we have made arrangements to transfer surgical care for around 800 patients to the Woking Nuffield, Circle Runnymede, Spire Ashtead or EpsoMedical (Cobham Day Surgery). This will enable patients to have their surgery much faster than if they waited for surgery at Ashford Hospital or St Peter’s.

In the majority of cases the surgical team will remain the same as if they had their surgery at St Peter’s or Ashford Hospitals. The discharge information will be provided by the hospital where their surgery is undertaken and will follow the discharge protocols of that particular organisation.

All patients will be asked if they want their care transferred.

If you need any further information or clarifications then please use the GP helpline email address ( and either Emma Jackson or Debbie Beesley will respond to you.

Reminder of regulations for chargeable fertility services for patients who have paid the NHS surcharge

Following changes to the ‘Immigration Health Surcharge’ coverage and the removal of Assisted Conception/Fertility treatment from August 2017, we are seeing an increase of patient who are unaware they will incur costs for this treatment path.

Therefore could we request that when referring patient for this service you have made them aware that if they paid the ‘Immigration Health Surcharge’ (HIS) as part of their Visa application they will be required to pay full estimated costs in advance of attendance.

The full guidance can be found here. 5 p36, 5.15).

Please can you highlight this to your patients prior to referral for fertility services. 

Autumn/Winter GP Webinar Series

The Autumn/Winter series of webinars are now available for booking.

Please click HERE for the link to the page with details of topics and booking

Direct Access ECGs

The ECG service at Ashford Hospital is still running but we are not accepting walk-in patients as we need to control the number of patients in the department at any one time. All referrals are being triaged. Please send your referrals to

Ultrasound-Guided Injections

Under Covid-19 National Guidance ultrasound guided injections have been paused. Until this guidance changes it has been recommended that referrals are sent via the MSK pathways so that Consultants can triage the referral and consider if an alternative pathway is available.

GP Blood Tests

Due to Covid-19  all GP patients must now book online for blood tests, the walk in service is limited to patients attending consultant appointments.

This decision is to decrease the volume of patients on site at any one time to reduce the risk of cross infection

To book appointments please visit

For ALL appointments please remember to put in the details of the patient and not the person making the booking.   If it is impossible for you to gain access online please phone 01784 884565 between 09.00 – 15.00

Thank you for your cooperation.

New NICE Guidance on Planned Care Pathways for Covid-19

NICE has recently published some new guidance on planned care pathways for Covid-19.  This has been ratified for use by our Clinical Reference Group.   The headlines are that patients are no longer recommended to have 14 day pre-op isolation.  Instead they are being asked to follow social distancing/hand hygiene best practice for 14 days prior to surgery, have a Covid swab up to 3 days before, and self-isolate from the day of the test until admission.

Change of E-Mail Address for Gastroenterology

Please be aware that the e-mail address for Gastroenterology has been changed. Details of the change and an updated contacts list have been emailed to practice managers this morning (16/7/20).

TIA Covid Update

Our Stroke TIA service is continuing to accept referrals for both high and low risk patients.  Please continue to refer appropriate patients promptly.

All referrals are now reviewed by our consultant team and patients are offered face to face or virtual appointments based on their clinical risk. We would be grateful if you could provide us with as much information as possible about the clinical events leading to the referral. This will help the consultant triage the referral correctly and in a timely manner.

Our Specialist Stroke Nurses, in cooperation with the consultant in charge for the day, are available to advise on all high risk referrals and any queries you may have.  They can be contacted via ASPH switchboard bleep 5828

The goal of the TIA clinic activity is to identify and prioritise the treatment of patients that may have sustained a transient cerebrovascular event in order to minimise their risk of stroke. We would be grateful therefore only to use this service for patients who you suspect have suffered a “a transient episode of neurologic dysfunction caused by focal brain, spinal cord or retinal ischemia”  TIA.  Neurology conditions, even if presenting subacutely, should be referred to our Neurology Department and can be discussed via consultant connect.


Amendment to Ultrasound Referral Protocols

In response to the concerns expressed by GPs regarding the new criteria for requesting US scans which was previously agreed with the CCG, we have decided to return to the previous US referral protocols with immediate effect whilst we review this current vetting system.

If we have any concern regarding a request we will contact the referring GP to discuss further.  This was a process we used previously.

Please convey my apologies for any inconvenience we have caused.

If you require a reminder of the previous protocols please contact Alanna Marvin