Nuclear Medicine

Services Provided

Full range of Nuclear Medicine procedures:

  • bone,
  • renal,
  • thyroid,
  • lung VQ,
  • white cell studies,
  • nuclear cardiology,
  • sehCAT,
  • breast imaging,
  • GFR

GP referrals are not routinely accepted for the Nuclear Medicine Service (except where a specific Service Level Agreement has been agreed). Appropriate requests will be considered following discussion with a Consultant Radiologist.

Tel: 01932 722797 Hot Seat Radiologist

SPH Nuclear Medicine Reception Tel: 01932 722482

The Nuclear Medicine department operates out of St Peters open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.


Bone Densitometry is carried out at both Ashford and St. Peter’s (NB: Bone Densitometry is not currently an NHS funded service except where the PCT has agreed a Service Level Agreement.)

Urgent examinations or advice by phone is available on request.


Clinical Office

  • 01784 884474 (ASH)
  • 01932 723574 / 722482 / 722797 (SPH)


The Clinical Team



GMC: 2242905

Tel: 01784 884475 (ASH)
Tel: 01932 723574 (SPH)

Paediatric nuclear medicine imaging
Bone densitometry (DXA)




GMC: 4192961

Tel: 01932 722482 (SPH)
Tel: 01932 722797 (SPH)

Clinical Lead in Nuclear Medicine and Consultant Radiologist.
Specialising in Hybrid Imaging (PET CT and SPECT CT), radionuclide therapy and Bone Density (DEXA)