About the Department

The physiotherapy service provides both inpatient and outpatient care.

There are a variety of inpatient teams including respiratory/medical, surgical, orthopaedic, neurological and paediatric teams. The teams cover all wards.

The Department offers a seven day service across some specialities and all clinical staff support this currently on a rota system, providing an on-call service from 4pm-8am 365 days a year. This service is used to assess and treat in-patients that have had a respiratory clinical deterioration and would benefit from intervention. In order to access this service a senior doctor must have reviewed the patient and highlighted the need for on-call physiotherapy before the on-call physiotherapist can be contacted via switchboard.

We have outpatient teams across both sites which can be accessed by consultant or GP referral. The outpatient teams offer assessment and treatment of a variety of adult musculoskeletal, paediatric and women’s and men’s health conditions. To best progress treatment an emphasis is placed on self-management. Exercise classes and hydrotherapy sessions are offered to help patients integrate exercise into their daily lives.

Both sites use their gymnasium space to run specialist rehabilitation classes for people following cardiac disease, respiratory problems and amputations.

Twitter: @ASPHphysio


Paediatric Physiotherapy Referrals

Our paediatric physiotherapy team have produced a document to support staff in their decision making when assessing children.

Please find attached a copy of our normal variance guidelines which has been reviewed and agreed by members of the orthopaedics and paediatric teams at ASPH.

If you have any questions or training needs regarding these specific guidelines, our service or anything related to children’s physiotherapy please do get in touch.

Gemma Frisby, Highly Specialist Paediatric Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


Useful Contacts

Jenny Boulton
Therapy Lead for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
Tel: 01932 7223969

Dan Groves
Therapy Lead Physiotherapy Outpatients
Ext: 3112 and 4176

Outpatients SPH
01932 722547
Main reception desk Ext: 2547
Hydrotherapy Ext: 2489
Big gym Ext: 2490

Outpatients ASH
01784 884484
Main reception Ext: 4484

Home Non-Invasive Ventilation Service (Home NIV)
Ext: 3640

Out of Hours (4pm-8am)
on-call service via switchboard for emergency respiratory problems

Medical SPH
Bleep: 5426

Medical Respiratory SPH
Bleep: 5028/5288

Acute Hub SPH
(Acute Medical Unit, Cherry – Older Persons Short Stay Unit, Emergency Department)
Ext: 3707
Bleep: 5367

Hyper acute / acute Stroke SPH (Cedar) and Neuro Outliers
Bleep: 5419

Stroke Rehabilitation Ashford (Chaucer)
Bleep: 5620
Ext: 4374

ITU & Surgery (incl. amputees) SPH
Bleep: 5093/5094

Trauma & Orthopaedics SPH
Bleep: 5184

Women’s Health
Bleep: 5176
Ext: 2358

Bleep: 5157
Ext: 2813