Respiratory Medicine

Services Provided

All respiratory conditions

  • Asthma,
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),
  • Pneumonia,
  • Pneumothrax,
  • Pleural effusion,
  • Tuberculosis


Please note

We do not vaccinate children under 1 years.

Children under 1 years please refer as below:

  • Babies born London / Surrey borders are to be returned to the hospital of birth.
  • Babies born abroad, or elsewhere in the UK, refer to Ebbisham ward, Epsom General hospital 01372 735 735 ext 6923/6924
  • Babies born at St Peter’s Hospital need to contact Joan Booker Ward on 01932 722660 / 01932 722291


Useful Documents


The Clinical Team


Dr Melanie IRVIN-SELLERS, Consultant Respiratory Physician

Lung Function: 01932 722805
PA: 01932 722305

Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer and COPD
Rapid access lung cancer service
Pneumonia, bronchoscopy



Dr Paul MURRAY, Consultant Respiratory Physician

GMC: 3616341

Tel: 01932 722305
PA: 01932 722305
Lung function: 01932 722805

Trust Cancer Lead
Asthma and COPD
Interstitial lung disease
Rapid access lung cancer service
Medical HDU Lead
Assessment of respiratory disease
Diagnostic bronchoscopy
Lung function laboratory
Allergy testing
Asthma clinics – adult
Sleep studies – IP and domicillary
Respiratory rehabilitation



Dr S SAIKIA, Consultant Respiratory Physician



Dr Shashank SHARMA, Consultant Respiratory Physician

GMC: 6072505

Rapid access lung cancer service
Pleural disease, TB, bronchoscopy
Sleep medicine


Dr Michael WOOD

Dr Michael WOOD, Consultant Respiratory Physician (Specialty Lead)

GMC: 3663934

PA: 01932 722305

Lung Cancer Lead & Mesothelioma
TB Lead
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Sleep Studies
Non-Invasive Ventilation (in-patient)
TB Diagnostic and Interventional Bronchoscopy
Pulminary Rehabilitation


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Julie Bott
Consultant Physiotherapist, Respiratory Care
Tel: 01932 723660

Respiratory Care Team
Tel: 01932 723660

NB: Pulmonary Rehabilitation service is a PCT run service


Specialist Nursing

Consultant Nurses – Lung Cancer

Tel: 01932 723697

Provision of holistic care and support to lung cancer and mesothelioma patients.

Clinical advice, support, consultancy to other health professionals.