Maternity Guidelines

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A&E Attenders and Pregnant Inpatients Mar 24 Mar 27
Abbey Birth Centre: Clinical Guideline Mar 24 Oct 24
Abbey Birth Centre: Operational Policy Oct 21 Oct 24
Actim Partus Test in the Prediction of Preterm Labour SOP Dec 23 Dec 26
Actim PROM SOP Nov 21 Nov 24
Additional Responsibilities Portfolios SOP Dec 23 Dec 26
Agency Onboarding in Maternity and the Local Induction Process SOP Jul 23 Jul 26
Anaesthesia Guidelines:

Antenatal care including booking appointment, maternity care pathway and antenatal clinical risk assessment Jan 24 Jan 27
Antenatal Cardiotocography Dec 23 Dec 26
Antenatal Screening

Apr 18 Apr 21
Antepartum Haemorrhage Sep 21 Sep 25
Anti-D Prophilaxis, Fetal RH D Testing and Management of Maternal Antibodies Mar 23 Mar 27
Aromatherapy Guideline Oct 22 Oct 25
Aspirin in Pregnancy SOP

Dec 23 Apr 24
Assisted Vaginal Birth Nov 21 Nov 24



Title Last Review Next Review
Baby / Child (Abduction) Security Policy – see TrustNet Apr 21 Apr 24
Baby Friendly Initiative: 10 steps to successful breastfeeding Nov 22 Nov 25
BadgerNet Guidelines – see TrustNet

Bariatric Surgery: Guideline for the management of pregnant women who have previously undergone bariatric surgery May 19 Dec 22
BCG Vaccinations for Neonates SOP Aug 21 Aug 24
Bereavement Care in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatalogy Jul 22 Jul 25
Birth Choices Jun 23 Jun 26
Birth Reflections and Birth Support Leaflet Mar 24 Mar 26
Bladder Care Oct 19 Oct 21
Blood Culture Policy    
Blood Tranfusion Policy    
Bobble Hat Pathway Mar 24 Dec 24
Breech Presentation including External Cephalic Version Feb 23 May 24



Title Last Review Next Review
Caesarean Section Guideline Dec 22 Dec 25
Cardiovascular Diseases Management During Pregnancy (European Heart Journal) Aug 18  
Care and Storage of Deceased Baby SOP – see TrustNet Jun 23 Jun 26
Care in Surrogacy (DHSC) Jul 21  
Complementary Therapies for Prolonged Pregnancy Feb 23 Feb 26
Concealed Pregnancy – see TrustNet Apr 24 Oct 25
Cooling and Cuddle Cot SOP – see TrustNet Jun 23 Jun 26
Cord Prolapse Oct 22 Oct 25
COVID-19 Resources and Guidelines – see TrustNet    



Title Last Review Next Review
Delayed Cord Clamping – see Neonatal Guidelines    
Diabetes in Pregnancy Dec 23 Dec 26
DNA Policy (Maternity and Maternity Ultrasound) Mar 23 Mar 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Early Pregnancy Support Scan Clinic SOP Jul 22 Jun 25
Educational Strategy Dec 23 Feb 25
Elective Caesarean Section in Main Theatres SOP Dec 22 Dec 25
Engagement of Locum Medical Staff in Obs and Gynae SOP Nov 23 Nov 26
Entonox: Management within the Maternity Service – See TrustNet Jun 23 Apr 26
EPU Guidelines – see Gynaecology guidelines    
Extreme Prematurity – Delivery Guidelines – see Neonatal guidelines    



Title Last Review Next Review
Failure of Maternity Doors SOP – See TrustNet Dec 22 Dec 25
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): Management, Prevention and Detection in Women and Children – See TrustNet    
Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme Dec 22 Dec 25
Fetal Growth Surveillance Pathway Jan 24 Jan 27
Fetal Pillow and Impacted Head Jun 23 Jun 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Group B Strep Aug 21 Aug 24
Growth Scan SOP – see section 6 of the fetal growth surveillance guidelines    



Title Last Review Next Review
Herpes – See RCOG Guideline  
HMP Bronzefield – Maternity Care of Women and Birthing People SOP Jun 23 May 24
Home Blood Pressure Monitoring for Maternity SOP Jul 23 Jul 26
Homebirth Guidelines Aug 23 Aug 26
Hypertension in Pregnancy Apr 24 Apr 26
Hypoglycaemia – see Neonatal guidelines    
Hyponatraemia in Pregnancy: Prevention, Diagnosis and Management May 23 May 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Immediate care of the newborn Jan 19 Nov 21
Induction of Labour Apr 24 Jan 26
Infant Feeding:

May 23 Apr 26
Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy: Hepatitis B, Hep C, HIV and Syphilis Dec 23 May 26
In-Utero Transfer Principles – Southeast Regional Maternity Team NHS England Jan 23 Jan 25
Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy ICP Guideline Jun 23 Jun 26
Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Nov 23 Nov 26
Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) in Pregnancy Jun 23 Jun 26



Title Last Review Next Review

Jan 22 Jan 25



Title Last Review Next Review
Labour – Care of Women Dec 22 Dec 25
Latent Phase Management in Low Risk Women Oct 23 Oct 26
Locations for Referral in Maternity Table Mar 24 Mar 27
Locum Doctors Induction – see TrustNet Sep 21 Sep 24



Title Last Review Next Review
Management of Blood and Microbiology Test Results SOP Jul 21 Jul 24
Management of Screening Incidents SOP May 21 May 23
Marsden Manual – see TrustNet    
Maternal Death – see TrustNet Aug 21 Aug 24
Maternal Medicine Network (MMN)

Maternity Day Assessment Unit (MDAU) – Clinical and Operational SOP Mar 24 May 26
Maternity Safeguarding Policy – see TrustNet    
Maternity Operational Co-ordinator (MOC) SOP – See TrustNet Jul 23 Jul 26
Measles Exposure or Infection in Pregnancy Guidance (SWLaSH MMN) Feb 24 Jan 25
Medical Staffing Escalation Policy Sep 23 Sep 26
Metocloprmaide PGD – See TrustNet Jul 23 Jul 24
Midwives Formulary Aug 21 Aug 24
Moxibustion for Breech Presentation Feb 23 Feb 26
Multiple Pregnancy Guideline Jun 23 Jun 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum Jun 24 Jun 27
Neonatal Attendance at Birth SOP Nov 23 Nov 26
Neonatal Resuscitation at Birth on Labour Ward – see Neonatal guidelines    
Newborn Bloodspot Screening Mar 21 May 23
Newborn Security Policy incorporating Baby Abduction – see Baby / Child (Abduction) Security Policy Apr 21 Apr 24
NIPE – Newborn and Infant Physical Examination Apr 21 Apr 24
Non-Attendance at clinic appointments or non-access visits for children under 18 years of age – see Paediatric guidelines    



Title Last Review Next Review
Obesity in Pregnancy Guidelines Sep 18 Sep 21
Obs and Gynae Ultrasound Guidelines – see TrustNet    
Observation Bay, Labour Ward Apr 19 Jun 22
Obstetric Referral Indications to Antenatal Clinic (SOP) Nov 22 Oct 25
Omeprazole PGD – See TrustNet Jul 23 Jul 24
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) SOP Feb 24 Feb 27
Ovarian Cysts in Pregnancy SOP Jun 21 Jun 24
Oxytocin (Syntocinon) to induce / augment labour Jun 21 Jun 24



Title Last Review Next Review
Pandemic Flu – see TrustNet    
Patient Safety Intelligence Framework Jan 23 Jan 26
Perinatal Mental Health Guideline – see TrustNet Nov 22 Jul 23
Perinatal Optimisation Guideline Dec 23 Dec 26
Perinatal Post Mortem Consent Aug 23 Sep 26
Perineal Trauma Management and Repair

Feb 18 Feb 21
Placental Histology and Obstetric Clinical Follow-up SOP Jun 23 Jun 26
Point of Care Testing for Urine Drugs of Abuse SOP Aug 23 Aug 26
Postnatal Care:

Apr 24 Mar 26
Postnatal Review by Doctors on Postnatal Ward (SOP) Dec 20 Dec 23
Postpartum Haemorrhage Dec 22 Dec 25
Pregnancy Loss – Leaflet Jul 23 Jul 26
Pregnancy Loss – Post 24 Weeks Sep 23 Sep 26
Pregnancy Loss – Pre 24 Weeks Apr 24 Sep 26
Preterm Labour and Birth: Prevention and Management Nov 23 Nov 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Ratification of Clinical Guidelines in Maternity SOP Jun 23 Jun 26
Recognising the Deteriorating Pregnant Woman Feb 22 Feb 25
Reduced Fetal Movement Guideline

Nov 23 Nov 26
Reportable Perinatal Incidents to External Organisations – see TrustNet Jun 23 Jun 26
Retained placenta Feb 22 Feb 25
Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultant providing acute care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology SOP Mar 24 Mar 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Safe Sleeping Guidance for Babies (Bed Sharing / Co-sleeping) Jul 21 Jul 24
Sensitive Disposal Form 12-23+6 weeks – see TrustNet Nov 21 Nov 24
Sepsis Guidelines and Intrapartum Pyrexia

Apr 24 Sep 26
Shoulder Dystocia Guidelines Jun 23 Jun 26
Sickle Cell: Antenatal and Newborn Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme Guideline May 23 May 26
Sickle Cell Disease in Pregnancy (RCOG) Jul 11  
Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes (SROM) at Term Apr 23 May 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Taking a Deceased Baby Home Leaflet Nov 23 Nov 25
Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy Apr 24 Mar 25
Tobacco Dependency Treatment Service for Maternity Patients SOP Jan 24 Feb 26
Tommy’s Application SOP

Dec 23 Dec 26
Transfer of Deceased Babies to the Mortuary – see TrustNet Jun 23 Jun 26
Transfer to SPH Maternity and Neonatal Unit – Leaflet Mar 24 Jan 25
Transitional Care:

Triage Operational and Job Roles SOP Apr 24 May 26
Triage and BSOTS Clinical Guideline Mar 24 Jun 26
Triage Standardised Telephone Advice Mar 24 Apr 26



Title Last Review Next Review
Ultrasound Protocol May 23 Nov 25
Unit Escalation Policy – see TrustNet Aug 23 Jun 26
Uterine Inversion Feb 22 Feb 25



Title Last Review Next Review
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section Dec 18 Dec 21
Varicella Management in Pregnancy UK HSA Nov 22  
Venous Thromboembolism: Investigation and Treatment of Pregnant and Postnatal Women Jan 23 Jun 24
Vitamin K:




Title Last Review Next Review
Waterbirth: The use of the pool for labour and birth Feb 23 Feb 26
Weighing Baby Pathway May 23 May 26
Women that Decline Blood Products – see Blood Tranfusion Policy