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April 2017

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Map of Saint Peter's redevelopment - Click to enlarge
Have your say on redevelopment proposals for part of the St Peter's Healthcare Campus
Local people, patients, people who use services, families and hospital staff will be able to have their say on proposals for the redevelopment of surplus land on the St Peter's Healthcare campus in Chertsey.

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust intend to secure planning permission for the redevelopment of the surplus land for housing. The west site would then be sold in order to fund improved local healthcare facilities.

The money raised would:
  • Improve urgent and emergency care facilities and assessment units at St Peter's Hospital
  • Support plans to upgrade and expand the affordable accommodation for NHS staff managed by Viridian - this will make St Peter's more attractive to new staff and improve living space for existing staff
  • Provide significant funding towards redeveloping Surrey and Borders Partnership's mental health hospital and community services to serve people in north west, mid and east Surrey.

The proposals largely focus on the western part of the St Peter's Healthcare campus which is jointly owned by Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. This area currently houses a range of community mental health services for people of all ages and a drug and alcohol detox unit. These will relocate within the local vicinity, and people who use these services will be involved in deciding where best suits the services' needs. The area also houses old administrative and service buildings, housing for staff, and derelict areas.

The proposals include:
  • 297 open-market homes consisting of a retirement village and a mix of apartments, and houses. These will make an important contribution to providing much-needed new homes in Runnymede
  • Around 60 new affordable homes, primarily for NHS staff
  • A new, separate access road from Holloway Hill to the north west
  • A new village green.
  • Redeveloping housing on the eastern part of the campus to provide 72 modern affordable apartments, primarily for NHS staff
  • Options for accommodating parking on and off-site for around 250 spaces.

People can view the plans at a public exhibition on Thursday 27th April between 2.30pm to 7pm at the Postgraduate Education Centre, St Peter's Hospital, Guildford Road, Chertsey. Staff from the NHS Trusts and the technical consultancy team, including WYG, will be on hand to answer questions. There will also be a small permanent display in the hospital's main foyer. Further information will be made available online at WYG's dedicated webpage

Valerie Bartlett, Deputy Chief Executive at Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust said: "We are very excited about this fantastic opportunity to improve the facilities in which we provide care to our local population. The resources will be used to improve a number of important facilities in our hospital, particularly for those people who arrive here in an emergency. We are also particularly pleased that this development will enable us to offer better quality staff accommodation, which is vital for recruitment and retention. The redevelopment will also provide much needed new homes in Runnymede, an area with a housing shortage."

Jo Young, Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy Chief Executive at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: "This is extremely positive for us. The capital we raise will fund future projects to improve our hospital and community services and will enable us to fulfil our values to create respectful places and treat people well.

"We are seeking alternative accommodation in the locality for the services we provide on this part of the St Peter's campus and will explore all available options, involving people who use our services, their carers and our staff in those discussions."

At the bake sale table
Generous patients boost Hematology Day Unit's refurbishment fund
A team of nurses, volunteers and some very generous patients have helped raise a staggering £25,000 towards the refurbishment of the Hematology Day Unit at St Peter's Hospital.

Over a four-week period the nurses held weekly bake sales and sold raffle tickets in a bid to raise a 'few pounds' to help redecorate the unit, but following kind and unexpected donations from a number of patients (including a staggering £20,000 from one patient alone), the total raised in a few short weeks has far exceeded all expectations.

900 raffle tickets were sold with many of the prizes donated coming courtesy of the patients treated on the unit, many of whom are currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

St Peter's hematology unit treats issues with blood in health and disease. It includes problems with the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and the proteins involved in bleeding and clotting.

Juliet Nkansa, Sister on the unit said; "We had a fabulous response to the bake sales but we never expected to realise anything like the amount we've raised, it's been absolutely overwhelming. We started out with a small idea to refresh the environment in response to patients telling us they felt the unit could do with a little 'sprucing up'.

"The amount we've achieved however has completely exceeded all expectations and now gives us an opportunity to completely refurbish and create a more dynamic and welcoming environment".

Heather Caudle, Chief Nurse at ASPH said: "The amazing effort from our staff and our volunteers is testament to their commitment to making ASPH as welcoming a place as it possibly can be, especially during difficult times for many of the patients who come to our hospitals. The generosity of the patients is truly humbling and shows just how well thought of we are. Well done to everyone involved and a huge thank you to everyone who donated a prize for this worthwhile project".
Drawing the raffle

Clinicians and patient
Trust shortlisted for CHKS national healthcare efficiency award
We have recently been shortlisted for two national CHKS awards as part of the CHKS annual Top Hospitals programme for 2017. The awards celebrate the success of healthcare providers across the UK and are given to healthcare organisations for their achievements in healthcare quality and improvement. For the third year running we have been shortlisted for the Quality of Care Award, which is a fantastic achievement (we won it in 2015), and this year we have also been shortlisted for a new award, Healthcare Efficiency. This goes to underline our developing culture where we are combining top quality care with excellent financial management and efficiency which is vital to protect and develop the high quality services we want to give to patients.

The Quality of Care Award is given on excellence in high quality care to patients, and is based on a number of criteria including the length of time patients stay in hospital, the rate of emergency re-admissions and whether the care pathway proceeded as originally intended. The Healthcare Efficiency Award, new for 2017, recognises organisations that have achieved high standards of operational excellence and outperform their peers on a range of 14 efficiency indicators that support care quality and patient outcomes.

Awards are made on the basis of an analysis of publicly available datasets and every NHS acute trust in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is included. We are one of just five Trusts shortlisted in each category and this recognition is testament to the commitment of everyone that forms part of Team ASPH. The awards will be held in London on 10th May.

Testing a patient
Members' Event on Research and Development
A singular pleasure for members and governors of ASPH is attending Trust Members' events. As an academic researcher interested in NHS organisation research, I was particularly fascinated to join fellow governors and members at an event, led by Dr Martha Wrigley (ASPH's R&D Manager) in February, that showcased the research activity at the hospital.

Cate Gray (Research Divisional Lead Surgery & Oncology) kicked off proceedings, taking us through the research process and explaining that: "A clinical trial is any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes." Cate continued with a consideration of the different approaches that clinical research can take. The key model for clinical research is the randanomised control trial, a form of interventional research in which participants are allocated randomly to a treatment group or a placebo group. The participants are unaware which group they are in as, often, are the clinicians as well. The outcomes for each group are analysed statistically. Other research may be of a more observational form, seeking insight from qualitative research in which participants are interviewed about the topic of interest or observed in their daily routines. Researchers look for patterns of thought and action analyzing these discursively. This research is used to uncover individual perspectives and develop a richer understanding of the subject in question. Whichever approach is used, the NHS and other healthcare providers can, from these studies, be confident that the interventions they make are based on the best available science, enabling ASPH to be confident in providing evidence based, patient focused care to all its service users.

Next to speak was Dr Wrigley, providing an overview of the research at ASPH. There is, she told us, an expectation throughout the NHS that "all NHS organisations must play their full part in supporting health research" (Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2010/11: p22) because, as the NHS Constitution (2009) states, "Research enables the NHS to improve the current and future health of the people it serves" (p52). Organizational imperative from the NHS this may be, but ASPH's clear strategic vision shone through in Martha's presentation. She showed how ASPH places patient benefit at the heart of its research strategy and how it maximizes leveraging its partnerships with local universities, Industry partners, people and the wider NHS. Much of the research was in areas that are very much at the heart of what ASPH's does. There were several projects that stood out but space restricts us to consideration of one. The hospital participated in a study on the use of compression stockings after stoke to prevent DVTs in patients. The research, carried out in three stages, showed that stockings were ineffective but that an alternative treatment; intermittent pneumatic compression pump rather than standard care (aspirin, hydration and as early mobilization as possible), was effective. This research changed the approach to patient management following stroke, an area of specialization for ASPH.

Claire Atkinson (Research Divisional Lead Women's Health & Paediatrics) took us through research in her area including a very moving video featuring the experience of one of the patients participating in research and showing the profound potential benefit of much research for the lives of our patients. The team concluded the presentation with a spirited Q&A session demonstrating the level of interest the audience had in this topic.

Last year there were over 100 active research trials that the hospital took part in, all contributing to the quality of ASPH's patient care. "We are all very passionate about what we do!" said Dr Wrigley. That passion shone through in the whole presentation. It was a pleasure to attend the session and I can only recommend such opportunities to all ASPH members and service users.

Chris Howorth
Appointed Governor, Royal Holloway, University of London
February 2017

Research and Developement Open Event

If you would like to find out more about R&D in the Trust and the wider healthcare landscape, you are welcome to join us at our open event on Friday 2nd June in Chertsey House at St Peter's Hospital.

A programme of the afternoon is available by clicking here.

If you are interested in attending, we have an online booking form or you can complete this PDF version.

You can also read about the team on our webpages:

Ana Glennon, R&D Office
Telephone: 01932 723534
Members of our Research Team