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Teenager's Toolkit




You are not alone!

Listen to the experiences of other teenagers who have also been there.

But what if this makes me feel anxious?

Be sure to talk to your family, friends and GP there is help. Do not suffer in silence!

  • Surrey Mindworks – Surrey Mindworks offers young people immediate access to support and tools to help them with their mental health
  • Anxiety about food – American website but really useful techniques and worksheets
  • My Anxiety Plan for Teenagers – Canadian really useful resource but note it is not about eating the allergen! This is about you controlling your allergies not them controlling you! For example feeling able to safely eat in a restaurant
  • Helpline if feeling anxious: 0800 915 4644 Surrey and Borders Partnership Mental Health Crisis line 24/7 support line


  • Royal College of Psychiatrist Website - This has a useful Q&A section for children and young people and includes case studies
  • Mood Gym - Online interactive self-help programme for 16+ year olds who suffer from anxiety or depression. Based on cognitive behavioural methods. There is an annual cost of (approx. £28).
  • Young Minds - Information and resources for children, young people and families who suffer with mental health problems. Helpline. Signposting for support. Educational materials.
  • Stem4 - A charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers who support them through education, resilience strategies and early intervention.
  • Kooth - Online counselling and support for children and young people.
  • Get Connected - free confidential helpline for young people. Volunteers available 24/7 to offer support on a range of issues.
  • Mood Cafe - A website with helpful relaxation exercises for children and young people with anxiety

Community Support

  • CYP Haven - This is a space where children and young people can talk about mental health in a confidential supportive and friendly environment. Available in four locations around Surrey (Guildford, Redhill, Epsom and Staines.


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